Our Story

Holidaily Brewing Company

Is the passion project of Karen Hertz, a craft beer enthusiast and lover of living life to the fullest. Karen survived melanoma and thyroid cancer in her early 30’s, leading to a treatment plan including a gluten-free diet. Along with beating cancer came the desire to focus on health, happiness and a commitment to celebrate life every single day.

As a beer lover, being gluten intolerant meant only drinking gluten-free beer or not partaking in social activities in the same way her friends and family could. The lack of good tasting, gluten-free options was a challenge for Karen – one that she was driven to overcome. Years of taste testing GF beers, research on gluten-free ingredients and an understanding of processes other brewing companies utilized led her to believe there was a better way.

And so, the idea of Holidaily Brewing Company was born: a company dedicated to creating excellent tasting gluten-free beer.

Our Philosophy

“The concept behind Holidaily Brewing Company is driven by a personal
understanding and a passion to provide those with celiac diagnosis, gluten
sensitivity or any interest in trying a tasty gluten-free craft beer, a guaranteed safe, delicious beer to enjoy.”

100% Dedicated to Gluten-Free

Our mission is to provide those with celiac diagnosis, gluten sensitivity, any interest in reducing gluten intake or a general love for craft beer a safe beer product that also tastes great. That’s why Holidaily Brewing is the only commercial scale, dedicated gluten-free brewing facility in Colorado. There’s never a chance of cross-contamination, so you can celebrate with no worries.

Our brewery and tasting room are located in Golden, Colorado, and our flagship beer, Favorite Blonde, is distributed locally. Check out the Where to Buy tab or come have a pint!