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Holidaily Brewing Company

Holidaily Brewing Company is the passion project of Karen Hertz, a craft beer enthusiast with an appetite for living life to its fullest. Having survived both melanoma and thyroid cancers, Karen adopted a gluten-free diet as part of her treatment. This lifestyle change, while essential for her health, posed a challenge for her love of beer and social activities.

Faced with limited options in the gluten-free beer market, Karen felt compelled to create a solution. Hertz embarked on a journey of extensive taste-testing and research into gluten-free brewing ingredients. Karen envisioned a brewery that could redefine the gluten-free beer experience.

Enter Holidaily Brewing Company, a company committed to crafting exceptional-tasting gluten-free beer. Rooted in Karen’s dedication to health, happiness, and the celebration of life, Holidaily Brewing Company was born out of a desire to provide flavorful options for beer enthusiasts with dietary restrictions.

Holidaily brews and packages all of our beer on-site and goes through a rigorous gluten-free certification process to ensure a safe gluten-free product.

Holidaily Brewing Company is a 100% certified, dedicated, gluten-free brewery; one of only 16 in the United States, and the only certified woman-owned brewery in the United States. We have two tasting rooms located in Colorado, one in Golden and one in the Denver Tech Center, as well as a production facility in Golden. Our production facility distributes to Colorado, Arizona, Texas, Wyoming, California, Kansas City Metro, and Kansas.

Our Philosophy

“Our name says it all. Make everyday a Holiday. (Holi*daily. verb) Beer is one of life’s simple pleasures. A gluten-free Holidaily beer goes a long way to making everyday a little bit more like a holiday.”

100% Gluten-Free. 100% Real Beer.

Holidaily’s Vision

Holidaily Brewing Company is the leader and the obvious choice for gluten-free beer in the United States. Holidaily is an inclusive, authentic community that celebrates a life of health and happiness.​

Holidaily’s Mission

Our mission is to always provide safe, gluten-free, award-winning beers, educate and advocate zero tolerance of unsafe beverages labeled or promoted as gluten-free​, and focus on continued innovation and availability of gluten-free beer.

Holidaily Brewing Co

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